Monday, July 29th

7:00 –4:00 pm Entry Time for Youth and Open Dairy

7:00 – 9:00 am Registration: Homemade Chocolate Baking Contest (Sponsored by PSACF) Junior Baking Contest  (Sponsored by Pa Preferred), Blue Ribbon Apple Pie
Contest & Angel Food Cake Contest
(4-H & Open Exhibit Building)

11:00 am Clinton County 4-H and FFA Sheep Show

5:00 pm Clinton County 4-H and FFA Rabbit Show

6:00 pm Chocolate Baking, Junior Baking, Blue Ribbon Apple Pie & Angel Food Cake Auction   (4-H & Open Exhibit Building)

6:00 pm Sugar Valley Rural Charter School FFA   (Aux Stage) FFA Opening /Closing Ceremonies and Speakers

7:30 pm Brad Stine – Christian Comedian 
(Main Stage)(Sponsored by J J Peters Disposal, Signs & Designs of Mill Hall,
  Bill’s Happy Camper RV Sales & Service)

8:00 pm Flashback (Aux Stage)

9:30 pm Nightly Drawing   (Aux Stage)    
***Must be present to win***